How to find your lost phone

How to find your lost phone

If you have misplaced your smartphone, then you can try out the simplest way to re-locate your phone -- just call up your number with another phone and follow the sound to locate it again. Chances are that you left it on the charger or it is in another room altogether. In case that does not work and if you have searched your home from top to down, then you have either misplaced your phone elsewhere. This is why you need to review the following tips on locating your smartphone again.

The first thing that you should have done prior to losing your smartphone is to head over to settings and to enable your android device manager.



Just head over to settings, and click on security – and make sure that your Google account is linked to your android. Now when your phone goes missing, you can use internet to log back to your Google account, use the android device manager to track your phone in real time.

Alternatively you can try the lost android app; this neat and handy app can be downloaded from Google play and you can install the same remotely on your missing android. This will work only if your android is linked to your Google account for the app uses your Google credentials to get installed on your smartphone.



It is important that you download this app, then moment you notice that your phone has gone AWOL.  Once you have installed the ‘lost android’ on your missing phone, just head over to the lost android website, and check the Google map for current location in real time.

Or if you are still not able to locate your missing phone, then just use the IMEI number. You can easily locate the IMEI number by dialing *#06#. This should provide you with the IMEI number; if you have already saved your IMEI number, then you can use the same to search and locate your missing smartphone.

All you need to do is to contact your service provider as well as inform the authorities that your phone is missing and provide them with the IMEI number. Your phone can still be traced with the IMEI number even if it is switched off or the SIM card changed.

The authorities can use the IMEI number to locate the missing phone. These are some of the ways by which you can locate your missing smartphone, but a better way to avoid this would be to take better care of your phone.



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