Samsung s9 and the camera that you’ll want to try out

Samsung s9 and the camera that you’ll want to try out

If you had purchased older Samsung galaxy phones then you would have realized that that the camera on the other phones had issues, from grainy images to the fact that it could not take good images in low resolution. This is why the current and new Samsung galaxy S9 comes as a much needed improvement on the older model. The phone comes with a brand new sleek look; well, we will just have to take the official word for it but it is rumored to be sleeker than some of its earlier variants. So you can expect a really sleek phone that packs in a lot of interesting features from its slow motion video, to improved performance.



One of the irritating handicaps that the older Samsung models had was the underperformance by the battery but now, with a more powerful battery, you can expect your phone to be charged for longer periods than before. Apart from this, there’s the phone’s edge on edge infinity display which is certainly awesome. This new variant comes with lesser bezels on top and on the bottom giving you a better looking phone, that certainly lives up to expectations.

The only drawback to the S9series phone is that it is slightly heavier at 6.7 ounces; it also comes with a rear camera lens, while the older models did not. This could be the reason why the phone is slightly heavy; other than this is the fact that this phone comes with advanced safety measures including a finger print sensor. With most operators including biometrics as a way of providing additional security, this phone does the same and much more.


You can use the finger print sensor as a way to ensure that only you get to use the phone and additionally, you can also utilize the face recognition methods including iris, The S9 comes in various shades, form midnight black to Coral blue; you can pick and choose the one you want and start using the phone effectively to read out to your customers.  The display comes with a slight curve thereby making it possible for you to get a better image on the screen.

The camera is indeed as good as it gets, enabling you to shoot even low resolution images.  With this camera, mounted on the phone, you should still be able to take pictures with better clarity and depth, along with higher resolution.





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