Practical Mobile phone accessories, do we really need them?

Practical Mobile phone accessories, do we really need them?

If you have just purchased the latest Samsung phone or Redmi, you are bound to be asking yourself this question. The fact remains that when it comes to phones, you do need some accessories to get much more out of your phones than otherwise. Some of the accessories are functional and required for extra protection whereas others seem to be just an excuse for spending more money. In the end, it’s all up to you and your individual taste as to whether to shop for mobile accessories or not. Here are some of our top picks -

  • Cover – When it comes to the question of providing your mobile phone with extra protection, a good phone cover is a must. There are way too many branded covers, but even a simple leather cover should provide your smartphone with some protection. If you are the sort of person who keeps dropping the phone, then a robust and durable cover should go a long way to protecting your phone and the screen from any damage. You can also go in for smartphones with oleophobic coating to protect the screen from all those smudges and dirty fingerprints.



  • Tags: Now, this is a must for all those who keep losing their phones; it’s but natural to forget where you may have last placed your phone. But with these Bluetooth enabled tags, you should be able to locate your phone with ease. While most of the major players do provide some form of security for the handsets, the fact remains that these Bluetooth enabled tags enable you to locate your phone right away, and without any hassle.



  • Rapid phone charger: If you often forget to charge your phone, then this neat accessory should come in handy. For one, it gives your phone with a boost and gives it with a charge that should  power up your phone for a while. And more importantly, these chargers can be powered up like a battery and can be used to charge your phone even in the middle of a major power outage



  • Portable stands: It is never a good idea to use the mobile phone when driving but if you happen to be one of those who often has to take important calls, even from driving, then this neat stand should come in handy. The stand is quite sturdy enough and can be fixed to your dashboard enabling you to drive while calling someone else on the phone


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