Mobile phones and network issues-- what to do next?

Mobile phones and network issues-- what to do next?

Network issues occur more commonly than you would think, you may find that your mobile phone has suddenly opted to transition from a 4G device to a 3G device causing your LTE device to slow down, and this has more to do with operators and lack of requisite cell towers. If you are facing other issues, such as tethering or mobile hotspot issues, then the reasons could be the phone itself and the way it has been configured or it could all boil down to a case of network blues. Do read on to know more about mobile phone and network issues and what you can do to avoid the same.



No 4G signal?

If you are not getting a 4G signal, as indicted earlier, this may have more to do with the fact that your mobile operator does not have the required capacity to provide you with high end connection. This could also be on account of your phone’s setting, so here’s a tip: try switching off your phone and turn it back on again. Usually, this should do the trick or you can disable data in your phone. Just head over to settings and check out the drop down menu, you should see an option for data – now disable mobile data and turn it back on again. If your phone is underperforming due to your current location this may jog it and force it to seek other active signals.

Tethering issues?

If you are having issues in tethering your smart phone to your laptop and other devices, then the culprit happens to be, either your service provider or your phone itself. So before purchasing your smart phone, check and see if it comes with tethering option and whether your service provides you with support for the same. Most of the mobile operators do provide you with the required support for tethering, but make sure that you do your due diligence.



Disappearing bandwidth?

If you plan on using your mobile phone for internet connection then you need to read this. With latest windows hosting myriad apps on your laptop, it has become essential to set your internet connection to a metered connection. Otherwise the apps and other programs on your laptop will just soak up all that extra bandwidth and soon, you’ll find that you have been relegated to a dial up. Here’s what you can do especially if you plan to use your smart phone to power your laptop, just head over to Wi-Fi settings and click on the one that shows your smart phone, and set it on metered connection. It’s that simple, by doing so, you should be able to surf without worrying whether you will utilize more than the designated data for each day.

Wi-Fi signal dropping off?

If your Wi-Fi signal keeps dropping off then this could be more of a positional issue. In the end, it comes down to location, location and location. Just keep the phone near your laptop and see if that works and if the Wi-Fi signal remains constant.

With these tips and suggestions you should be able to resolve your network issues.



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