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Top five mobile accessories or gadgets that you must have for 2018

Top five mobile accessories or gadgets that you must have for 2018

Top five mobile accessories or gadgets that you must have for 2018

When it comes to gadgets, we have come a long way since R2D2 and C3PO graced the big screen but if you want to be pedantic, then over four decades and that’s a lot, Today gadgets in general have found a new lease of life thanks to the IOT and the fact that we just cannot seem to do without them. Whether you are looking for the latest camera accessory or need to give yourself more protection with a crash sensor. As corny as it sounds, it seems that our gadgets are getting smarter by the minute along with our smartphones. So if you have just purchased a smartphone and are on the lookout for some trendy accessories to go with it, then check out some of the top mobile gadgets that you must have.



  1. Misfit shine: This gadget/accessory makes it seem like a dream to keep fit. All you have to do is to sync the gadget with your smartphone and then equip it on your body as you work out. It provides you with feedback on as to whether you are doing enough to shed those pounds and need to work out more.
  2. Health management apps and gadgets: There are way too many health management apps and cool gadgets. It is really hard to pick one over the others since they all provide the same services at various rates. You can go in for a neat gadget that monitors your health around the clock and messages you via the smartphone when it senses your blood pressure shooting up or your blood sugar levels are way up. Healthcare add-ons to smartphones are still a nascent tech but certainly coming into their own over the last few years.
  3. Smart radiation detector: This cool nifty gadget does as its label says, it sniffs and senses the current environment and let’s your smartphone know whether the current radiation levels are tolerable. This gadget works on the same premise as the health management one and if you are a bit worked up about radiation levels and need a daily assurance that no nuke is located close to your location, then you’ll probably need this device.
  4. Sky light: This is really cool gadget that links up your smartphone with a supported microscope; if you are into photography and need to take those classic out of this world snaps, then, you would probably need this gadget for it makes it possible and much more.
  5. Smart baby app: Well the days of the baby monitor via the cute teddy are long gone; with smart phones gaining more traction worldwide, devices have become increasingly smaller and smarter. This mobile accessory links up to your smartphone and helps you to monitor your baby, It even provides you with streaming videos and audio through both secure and wireless connection. What more could you ask for than being able to monitor your new born with your smart phone.


These are some of the mobile accessories that you definitely should try out and will have some more to list on later.

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