Download Top 10 Xposed Modules for Android Oreo

Download Top 10 Xposed Modules for Android Oreo

You all must be wondering what is Xposed and what this blog is all about? Did you buy cars? Of course some of you are having. But many of them would like to have their own customized cars so it can have extra functionality. Just as cars, people too, want customization in their Android smartphones. These customizations can be categorized into many types like Battery Extending, RootCloak which you will find out later. 

Also, if you didn't know what is Xposed, it is the most loved community of Android developers who keeps on developing softwares and apk files to add customization. If you have never gone through Xposed, then I strongly recommend to check out their Android app and find out about them briefly. Given below is their Android App link:

Xposed Modules- Android App Link----- (Download from here)

Now that you have known what Xposed is? Let's find out the top 10 xposed modules which you can even use in your smartphones for free. All the download links of modules are stated below. So, let's hit the bar:

Xposed Module for Android Oreo

1. NSFW Gboard

NSFW stands for Not safe for work. It is a google keyboard that will keep you safe from harmful GIFs or any other things that might be harmful in any case. It uses AI technology to make this possible.

Download link- NSFW GBoard


2. Swipe to seek for YouTube

If you are a YouTube fan then you should give a shot as it extends functionalites of YouTube apps and you will feel wonderful experience with this module

Download Link- Swipe to seek for YouTube


3. Battery Extender

If you think the battery of your smartphone is draining heavily then don't worry and install this module. It will stop and hold all the unnecessary processes and protect your smartphone's battery

Download Link- Battery Extender


4. RootCloak

The smartphones are rooted to extend the functionalities which were not able to get earlier. But there are also some apps which denies access when your device is rooted. But RootCloak hides your identity so even those apps would work fine.

Download Link- RootCloak


5.  iFont

If you are tired of using the fonts that are given by your smartphone's UI, then you can try iFont. It has many variations and it is fun to use this

Download Link- iFont


7. Clean Lock Screen

Whenever you check your lock screen there are many elements present like, time, day, notifications, user name, etc. But if you are irritated or you don't want to see these things, then you can hide it using this module

Download Link- Clean Lock Screen


8. True Silent Mode

Well, from the name you can guess. There is not much to tell but I personally used this Xposed Module and loved it.

Download Link- True Silent Mode


9. XPrivacyLua

There are many apps which take your information without any proper use.XPrivacyLua will protect your privacy from the third-party apps in that case and hide your identity

Download Link- XPrivacyLua


10. Customizable Clocks for Lock Screen

Usually, there is only one type of clock in a lock screen but using Xposed Module, you can customize your clock even in Lock screen, This module is full of fun

Download Link- Customizable Clocks for Lock Screen


Thus, you should give a try on these Xposed modules and let us know in comments section

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