How to install ViPER4Android on Google Pixel 2

How to install ViPER4Android on Google Pixel 2

Many of you here are not aware of what the heck ViPER4Android is! Don't worry, let me tell you ViPer4Android is an audio mod that can be installed in Google Pixel 2 smartphone to give you bettr experience than ever. It is also the most famous mods that is available for Android devices nowadays. Earlier, this could be installed only if your smartphone was rooted but now no such access are required. So, here I am providing a method how you can install ViPER4Android in your latest Google device and experience something better than the usual. But at first, we need to see some of the things that we probably cant miss out.


What is ViPER4Android and how it works?

ViPER4Android is a universal Android audio mod. Which means that there are no specific audio files for specific devices. So you would think what’s the big deal in getting it installed on Pixel 2 right? But, there is a catch. In fact, there are more than one.

  • There are many different versions of the ViPER4Android Mod floating around the internet. So, you need to choose the right one.
  • There are different ways to install ViPER4Android and not all the methods work on all the devices.
  • There may be a few device-specific conditions which have to be met for the ViPER4Android to run without any problems.



  1. Your Google Pixel 2 must be rooted with Magisk. Yes, we are going to make use of Magisk to install ViPER4Android on Pixel 2.
  2. Flash Kernel is known to cause issues with ViPER4Android. If you are on Flash Kernel, you are going to have to flash another custom kernel. ElementalX Kernal and Snoke Kernel are recommended for ViPER4Android. If you are on stock kernel, no issues!


How to install ViPER4Android on Google Pixel 2

  1. Go to Magisk Manager.
  2. Swipe left from the corner and tap on Downloads
  3. Search for Viper
  4.  Select the one that says ViPER4Android FX (Created by ahrion, zackptg5).
  5. Tap on the Download Icon in the right corner.
  6. You will get an ‘Install ViPER4Android FX’ popup. Tap on Install Magisk on Pixel 2.
  7. The file will be downloaded and installed automatically by the Magisk Manager.
  8. Reboot your device once the installation completes.
  9. Done!

Installing ViPER4Android in Pixel 2

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