Waterproof Smartphones: Myth or Reality

Waterproof Smartphones: Myth or Reality

Believe it or not, Waterproof Smartphones are the only technology on which every individual is relying upon. Whether, it about swimming pool or bathrooms, smartphones are meant to be used everywhere nowadays.

Whether you were goofing around in a swimming pool or snorkeling in Sea beaches, those plastic cases kept your film and camera technology safe from the water. Modern technology deals with the idea of waterproofing a bit differently. 

Waterproof Nanocoating:

One of the hottest technologies on display at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show was waterproof nanocoating. Several companies demonstrated technology that looked like magic: They dunked iPhones in water tanks, fully submerging them and then pulling them back out no worse for wear. The phones still worked!

Secret or Scientific Technology?

The secret lies in a water-repelling material that bonds with a solid object, be it a smartphone or a Kleenex -- it's thin enough to leave complex electronics perfectly functional, but thick enough to shrug off dangerous liquid. Let's take a look at how nano waterproofing works -- and see if it's really up to the task of keeping your smartphone safe during a rainstorm or snorkeling trip.

Before Nanocoating, how were Smartphones waterproof?

Before coating electronics with their material, P2i used it to waterproof outdoor equipment like gloves and hiking boots. Another company, HZO, is also protecting electronics with a waterproof nanocoating. But are these thin films really "waterproof?" Yes and no. These nanocoatings are designed to save devices from brief exposure, not minutes or hours spent underwater.

How good is Nanocoating Technology?

Still think this nanocoating technology sounds totally awesome? Well, it is! Sure, it's not quite as safe as a bulky plastic case, but it's invisible, and could save your phone from a dangerous drop into the sink or a rain puddle. Ready to give your phone the protective treatment? Here comes some bad news: Only a select number of phones are currently treatable.

So, you should better keep your smartphone aside if it's more than costly while you dive in swimming pool, because relying on technology blindly isn't the safest option nowadays


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