How to get Android v8.1 Oreo Dark Theme on your smartphone

How to get Android v8.1 Oreo Dark Theme on your smartphone

Android Oreo is the onlt thing every smartphone user is craving for. The reasons are very genuine, whether its PIP mode, or quick notification menu access or more gestures, the Android Oreo has never failed to impress us. But let's all motivae those people who badly want Android Oreo when the smartphone provider is not providing the OTA updates. Don't worry all of you, as I'm back with wonderful dark theme by Android Oreo which you can install in your smartphone and have fun. So, let's all do this without much wasting of time:


Android Oreo v8.1 Dark Theme

The dark theme is I guess appears to be the most confusing word in this blog, but I suppose this is not the only case. The dark theme on Oreo simply means your operating system would change automatically the type of wallaper which would be applied by you. Also, there would be very high ratio in the theme that would appear like it is in dark mode. The changes would include in other things as well like Notification panel, power menu and some UI elements.



Let's first look at the things you need to care about while installing dark theme on Android Oreo in your smartphone

  • You must have a device running on Android Oreo


How to install a Dark Theme on Android Oreo without Root

  1. Start the Andromeda desktop client application (get here)
  2. Download the Substratum application as well.
  3. Open the Substratum and find "Sai's Android Oreo Dark Theme" 
  4. Click and select the theme pack
  5. Check the option that says "select to toggle all overlays"
  6. Open Substratum and check “Sai’s Android Oreo black theme” and simply click on it to enter the setup page for the theme pack.
  7. Select the theme colors that are by default. Also, change according to your needs.
  8. Now click on the floating button to see a floating menu on the screen.
  9. Once you are done with all the options, click "build and enable" option.
  10. You would see the dark theme on your device.
  11. In case you need to install a dark theme for apps, you need to download the Sai’s Fresh Theme from here


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