Solar Panels built into Smartphones Screens to save battery-life crisis

Solar Panels built into Smartphones Screens to save battery-life crisis

This should be a common problem first of all, fighting against battery life of a smartphone. I must say, battery of a smartphone is to be handled very critically since, it might peeves many users in there.

A prototype shown at Mobile World Congress 2015 incorporated solar-power technology into a smartphone's touchscreen to make it accessible even after the battery has died.

Mobile World Congress:

  • At Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona this week, Kyocera is showing a prototype that turns one of the modern smartphone's biggest battery life liabilities into an asset – a smartphone that incorporates solar power technology into the touchscreen.
  • According to a Smithsonian Magazine report, Kyocera developed the technology in partnership with SunPartner Technologies and installed it on its Torque smartphone prototype, which was designed for rugged outdoor use.
  • At less than 0.5 millimeters in thickness and as much as 90% transparency, the screen technology could fit any of today's popular smartphones without inhibiting their users, SunPartner Technologies said in a press release.
  • The component that captures sunlight – called Wysips Crystal – can be installed just below the touchscreen panel of the smartphone, so it doesn't affect the user experience, and feeds the solar energy into the battery.

Use of Solar Panels into Smartphones:

  • While the technology may not be strong enough to replace the plug-and-charge smartphone battery, it does mean users could access apps and information on their phones at least for a brief period after the battery has completely died.
  • This could prove critical for emergency situations, though it may be limited to those that occur during the day time.

Let's not judge this technology too soon, as we might come to much higher conclusion by the next time, as it's always said, its better late than never. Maybe, this technology could resolve all the battery problem of a user using smartphones. Let us know how you feel in our comments box

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