How to root Honor V10 without erasing data

How to root Honor V10 without erasing data

Rooting is basically providing authorized access to any task in your smartphone. There are various ways to root your smartphone. Admist of having various benefits of rooting your smartphone, the main disadvantage is the warranty of your smartphone gets void. Also, the biggest threat of rooting the smartphone is your data may get erased and you can't do anything else.

So, here I'm back with rooting of Honor V10 without erasing your data. I can guarantee you all, you would root your smartphone without getting your data erased or wiped out if you follow my instructions very carefully. So,what are we even waiting for? Let's go ahead and safely root our Hono V10.



To do so, you must have installed these two things on your Windows PC/Laptop:

  1. ADB 
  2. Fastboot



  1. boot-b132-root3.img (Download from here)

Download this file and save it in the same folder as you have Fastboot 


How to safely root Honor V10 without erasing data?

  1. Turn on developer settings on your smartphone.
  2. Power off the phone.
  3. Boot into fastboot by holding the power and volume down buttons together for about 6 seconds.
  4. Navigate to the folder in which you installed fastboot on your computer.
  5. Right-click on an empty space in the window while holding the shift key on your keyboard. Then select Open command window here to launch a command prompt for that file location.
  6. Run the following command in the command prompt:
    fastboot flash ramdisk boot-b132-root3.img.
  7. Now run
    fastboot reboot
    in the command line to reboot the smartphone.

When the smartphone reboots, your Honor V10 will have root access. That way, you can root Honor V10 without erasing data, and it can be done on the stock ROM with very little processes.


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