TRICK: Additional Feature for Google Pixel Launcher

TRICK: Additional Feature for Google Pixel Launcher

Are you not satisfied with the latest Google Pixel Launcher released by Google? If not, then No problem, Today we are offering a new mod which promises to offer more additional features which will allow you to customize your Google Pixel Launcher on your phone. The mod is known as Pixel Launcher Mods which allows you to edit individual application icons, edit labels and change the size of widgets up to 1 × 1.


Earlier Google Pixel Launcher has a limit in customizing the launcher to your taste. But with this mod, you can enjoy the more customization feature. Here are few tweaks which are present now,

Pixel Launcher Mods Available Tweaks:

- Change icons (Changing Individual icons as well as applying full Icon Packs supported, and applying from a file too!)
- Change Labels
- Modify widget sizes (down to 1x1 if you wish)


Yes, we know! This feature is already available in some of the well-known Launchers like Nova Launcher. But if you care for Google Pixel Launcher, then we hope this mod will be useful.

To use this mod, you need root permissions on your phone. Here is the full guide to root your phone using either SuperSU or Magisk. If your phone is not supported, then you can follow the guide to root using Kingroot.

Check out some screenshot shared on XDA after applying Pixel Launcher mod:

Thanks to XDA Recognized Contributor Quinny899 for sharing this Pixel Launcher mod to the public via XDA forum. You can find the development link here.

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