How to fix Battery Draining Issue on Xiaomi Mi A1

How to fix Battery Draining Issue on Xiaomi Mi A1

I guess Xiaomi has amazed their Mi A1 users by providing Android Oreo update ever since from 1st January, 2018. I downloaded and installed my update on that very day and found there were some battery draining issues on this smartphone. At first, I didn't pay any attention as I always charge my smartphone twice a day, but things went uglier when Battery Draining issue came to notice as battery was going to nowhere and it irritated me. I searched for this thing and found this is now a uniiversal problem in Xiaomi Mi A1 and this needs to be resolved. Although, there are no official statements released by Xiaomi but we, at got some time to configure our Xiaomi Mi A1 and fix some battery draining issues:


How to Fix Fast Battery Draining Issue On Xiaomi Mi A1


Disable Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is one of the most used ways to connect to the internet. But when the Wi-Fi option on your device is turned on always, this can greatly affect the standby time of your device. Even though the device is not connected to a Wi-Fi network, it is always recommended to turn off the Wi-Fi option to ensure better standby time.


Close Or Disable Background App Sync

Many people complaints about their device battery draining even though they haven't used it for hours. The main thing which contributes to this is the apps running on the background. The solution to this is nothing but closing these apps or disabling background sync for them. The most basic way to do is by accesing quick settings and selecting sync option. You can access quick settings by swiping from top of the screen. Alternatively you can disable sync for individual apps by going in to Settings > Accounts.


Disable Bluetooth, And GPS

Similar to Wi-Fi Bluetooth and GPS when enabled can drain your battery fast. Although you are not using any apps related to this, when switched on these functionalities will work in the background. So it is always good to switch these off if you are not using them.


Avoid Tethering

The tethering hotspots have been there on smartphones for a long time now. When kept switched on this feature can drain your battery real fast. So if you have an issue with the battery life of your Xiaomi Mi A1, it is recommended that you limit tethering.


Enable Power-Saving Mode

The Xiaomi Mi A1 has a build in functionality which will help you decrease the battery consumption. Know as the power-saving mode when enabled will disable a lot of functionalities on the device which might affect the battery life. You will find this feature itself in the notification panel and it takes no time in doing so

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