How to setup medical ID on iPhone

How to setup medical ID on iPhone

Medical ID is not only an essential feature in iPhones, rather it is a blessing from all the users. If you ever get stucked in an accident and you need an emergency help, only then you would realize the importance of Medical ID feature in your iPhones. This can save your life where suppose no other person is available and you have no access to any help.


But also, you need to register for this ID to get some help. So, here in this blog, I will tell you all how to set up your medical ID from your iPhones and can avail this benefit later in an emergency,

Just follow these steps on your iPhone to get your Medical ID:

  1. Open the health app in your iPhone
  2. Tap on the medical ID on the bottom
  3. Tap Edit on the Upper right corner
  4. A form would apper where you have to fill your Medical ID details
  5. Fill out everything you need
  6. Tap Done

The Medical ID screen shows you what others will be able to see by tapping Medical ID. They can’t access the rest of your phone—it’s still locked—but this info can help save your life.

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