Android Oreo enables Fast Charging support in Xiaomi Mi A1

Android Oreo enables Fast Charging support in Xiaomi Mi A1

Many people are just waiting for Xiaomi Mi A1's Android Oreo update including me, but I installed custom ROM by unlocking its bootloader and used Android Oreo. One of the best features of Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC is that it supports fast charging. Initially, Xiaomi didn't provide Fast Charging support in its Mi A1, but when I installed Android Oreo in A1, I found out some changes. The major change includes the fast charging support.



Earlier, the device took approx 2hours to charge the whole device with 3080 mAH Battery to charge fully. But now, after the update, the charging time reduced to approx 1h 41 min (0-100%). I'm totally amazed by this update. There is around 30 mins difference in the traditional charging and the fast charging method.

Enabling fast charging is great news for current owners of the smartphone, which will get access to it once the stable version of the Oreo update is released. The feature might also increase sales, as it makes the already affordable handset an even better deal.

If you want to know more about this device, then watch the full review here.


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