How to get Default File Manager in Moto C Plus

How to get Default File Manager in Moto C Plus

The only wrong thing I feel under Stock Android smartphones is the lack of Apps like File Managers and FM Radio. There are many other apps which are not there like Sound Recorder, Calender, Timer, etc but strictly File Manager and FM Radio are the most necessary things to get. But what would you do to get or retrieve File Manager in your budget-ranged smartphone? 



The problem with Motorola Moto C Plus is it has only 16GB Internal memory storage and sometimes it doesnt provide enough storage to download and install third party apps. At that point of time, you would only require its Internal Storage File Manager. So, here I'm going to tell you all how to do so:



Method 1:

You can always download some third-party File manager apps like ES-File Explorer, File Manager, Solid Explorer-File Manager from Google Play Store but this blog isn't about these apps as I'm not in favour of downloading and using these apps, so let's quickly move on to Method 2.


Method 2:

The Moto C Plus does not come pre-installed with a file manager. This is how stock Android works and we want to be as close to stock as possible. You can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Storage Options
  3. Select Internal Storage
  4. Explore

There you can access any files or directories but make sure it has no direct shortcut to that. 

I hope you liked the following procedure, in case I missed out any points, please remind me of them

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