How to read Deleted messages from Whatsapp

How to read Deleted messages from Whatsapp

After Whatsapp has added the "Delete for everyone" feature, many users can't read the deleted messages which they receive. The message can only be deleted within 7 mins from the time of sending, but once if its deleted, it can't be read by anyone. But what if I tell you some simple steps of how you may read those messages which were deleted in WhatsApp.



To do so, you would need to download any app from these following 2 apps which are easily available on PlayStore:

  1. Notification History (download from here)
  2. Notif Log notification history (download from here)



You need to download any of these two apps, basically both of these two Apps do the same thing but the entire layout or UI is completely different. So, download any of these apps and let's begin. The first ever time you would open the app, you have to access the permission. The app simply shows thenotification whenever any message is deleted. All you need to do is go to the log and check out the notifications that says the messages were deleted from WhatsApp



Thus, all the messages that were ever deleted on WhatsApp would be shown on your Notification log. This is as simple as the screenshots are seen here. So, what are you waiting for. Let's get started


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