10 Hidden Features that you dont know about OnePlus 5T

10 Hidden Features that you dont know about OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T was launched on 16th November and since then it has been trending smartphone of this year. Simply, the reason is its flagship specifications along with its pricing range. It has the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC with 6 GB RAM and even 18:9 aspect ratio bezel-less design and display. What more do you expect from a flagship smartphone of same specifications as that of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 with half of its price? 

Although, we reviewed OnePlus 5T with its basic values and you may check it here. What was more interesting in this smartphone, was the missing tips and tricks that are not shown to users. So, here are some of the tricks and tips that I found in OnePlus 5T and pretty glad to share it with you all:


1. Parallel Apps to create multiple Whatsapp/Facebook accounts:

Most of the smartphones have this feature already, so this is not at all a new feature, but still if you have more than one account for whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram and you wish to use them separately in your smartphone, then this is a feature to do this. OnePlus 5T simply contains Parallel app which lets you do this.


2. Alert Slider:

One of the most unqiue feature of OnePlus smartphones are Alert Slider from where you can easily shift to different profiles (Vibrate, Ringing, Alarms Only) by sliding the side panel slider. This is purely a hardware and we are thankful for OnePlus to give this.


3. Fingerprint Gestures:

Now one of the coolest thing is here. OnePlus 5T has fingerprint gestures where you can swipe down the fingerprint scanner to toggle your notifications and do other functions as well. This is also not a very new feature as I have seen already in many mid-ranged smartphones including Xiaomi's Mi A1. But certainly, if you get used to with this feature, you will love this.


4. Three-Finger Screenshot:

OnePlus 5 already had this feature if you don't know, but also OnePlus 5T has introduced it. Apart from taking screenshots from the traditional method by placing the power and volume button at once, now you could also take screenshots by putting three fingers all at once. This works very well, indeed!


5. Long-Screenshot:

Having known of Three fingered-Screenshot, there's also a new feature introduced in OnePlus 5T which is termed as Long-Screenshot. Now, you could take screenshot of an entire chat or thread by taking a screenshot and then clicking on a button that say, "Long Screenshot". This majorly helps when you have to take screenshots of entire chat session or some major tasks.


6. Themes:

Generally, you won't see this in any smartphone with Stock Android unless it is OnePlus 5T. It has various themes despite having Stock Android and you may change anytime you want. Infact, you could put night or dark themes for nights.


7. Ambient Display Light:

I have not seen this feature in smartphones unless they are very special. This is a feature where the notifications strike on your display and it is not completely visible as it is ambient light. It is used when you are extremely busy and then comes the notifications. This feature is also present in mid-ranged smartphone like Xiaomi's Mi A1, but let me get it straight, this feature is unique.


8. Audio Tuner:

I bet you won't have seen this feature on any Stock version of smartphone, but OnePlus 5T provides you with Audio Tuner facility to help with more custom audio options. These options are totally related to user. This feature is highly common but I bet this won't be seen on any stock Android smartphone.


9. Gaming Do Not Disturb Mode:

If you are a hardcore gamer and you don't want anyone to disturb you while playing, then in Settings you can turn on Gaming Do Not Disturb Mode where no notifications or calls will come to you while you are playing any game. What a transformation this is and how cool is this feature for hardcore gamers.


10. Split-Screen Mode:

Conventionally, this is not a OnePlus 5T feature as it is purely provided by Android Nougat but to tell you about this feature, this enables you running two apps simultanously at once sharing their screens. 


How did you like these 10 hidden features of OnePlus 5T. If you want some more glance and want me to find out some more features as well, then do let us know on our facebook page as well. Thanks!

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