Twitter Lite launched in more than 20 countries

Twitter Lite launched in more than 20 countries

Another app by which you could access Twitter by saving your data, Twitter Lite is launched in 24 more countries and now more people would access it.These countries are namely: Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Israel, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Malaysia, Nigeria, Nepal, Panama, Peru, Serbia, El Salvador, South Africa, Thailand, Tunisia, Tanzania, and Venezuela. Thanks to the developer team of twitter, many countries now can use twitter lite.

India has still not got this app, and it is expected twitter lite app soon to roll out in India as well


What is Twitter Lite?

Twitter Lite a friendly android mobile app of twitter that has all the necessary feature of twitter. The main reason behind this app is aiming for optimised low bandwidth connections with data saving features. This app is even less than 3 MB, thus more users can easily download and use it. The best part of this app is even budget-ranged smartphones can use this app very easily.

Twitter Lite originally started life as a mobile site ( and was turned into an app in September and launched in Philippines. After some testing and feedback, Twitter decided to launch it in other countries.

Currently, the app is only available on Android and maybe in some more time, we could see Twitter Lite in iOS as well

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