Samsung Galaxy S8 gets Android Oreo Beta bugfixes Update

Samsung Galaxy S8 gets Android Oreo Beta bugfixes Update

Samsung's first ever flagship smartphone of this year, 2017 has finally Android Oreo. I don't know how to react as they have finally provided Android Oreo this time to their flagship users. But, little did they knew,the Oreo update was not on stable version. To recall, Samsung Galaxy S8 users got Android Oreo update on 27th November with some bugs, so Samsung gave another update of Bug fixes correcting those bugs. To be honest, Samsung has saved their reputation from flagship users and that's what users expect too, from Samsung.

The update contain major bug fixes like being unable to answer an incoming call and the camera opening to a blank screen. Also, there came a frustating part of notification, "Your apps are running in background". No update is stable at its first release and the users have to understand this thing but there is also a fact that premium users or flagship users don't like to update too much. So, Samsung should really thought of this and they even could have provided stable Android Oreo version in their first attempt. But its better late than never and they corrected it within 2 days.

There may be more bug fixes updates in future as well, so to check whether there is any pending update: 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on About Phone
  3. Select System Updates

There you would see the pending updates. Make sure, to update your smartphone to get its better and healthy performance 


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