Oppo F5 Hidden Tricks and Tips for users

Oppo F5 Hidden Tricks and Tips for users

Unarguably, Oppo F5 is the currently the modest smartphone in Oppo Industry as they have hyped it a lot and they expect huge number of users to use it as well. Now, as I took out that smartphone, there are many things which I noticed and certain hidden features were extracted which are not shown to user at the first attempt. So, let's begin with easy 5 tips and tricks of Oppo F5:


1. How to Screenshot in Oppo F5?  

Many of us are crazy about screenshots when it comes to snap the things we love, so here is the simple trick. Press volume up and power button simultaenously at once to capture screenshot. But what you don't know here is, this feature actually enables Emergency power saving feature.

How to enable it? : Settings>> Battery >> Low power Mode


2. How to clean and remove trash without any application?

 All of us want to delete the unnecessary files which could be harmful to our smartphone. Now, generally this feature is not provided in all smartphones and you have to download third party application to do so. Luckily, in Oppo F5, this feature is built-in feature.

How to enable it? : Settings >> phone manager >> Clean and Speed up 


3. How to set off-screen gestures in Oppo F5?

All the motorola users would relate this feature as they have Moto gestures. Now, gestures include you can even wake up your smartphone without pressing power button as double tap-wake up gesture. There are also lot more gestures, which you can enable it yourself

How to enable it? : Settings>> Gestures and Motions>> Setup gestures and motions for off-screen


4. Camera Tips and tricks and Hidden features 

  1. How to set watermark in Oppo F5 : Open the Camera>> Select BUBBLE Icon at Top right corner >> Enable Watermark
  2. How to enable Bokeh Mode: Camera>> Click the DROP Icon >> Bokeh Mode is activated>> Click photos in DSLR mode
  3. How to enable full-screen camera: Camera>> Select Rectangle Icon at top>> Select Full-screen camera
  4. How to enable filters: Camera>> Select BUBBLE Icon at Top right corner>> Filters>> Select Filters of your choice 


Thus, these are hidden features of Oppo F5. If I get some more features, I will keep on updating for you all. Stay Happy till then 

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