Samsung Galaxy S9+ Leaked with upcoming flagship features

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Leaked with upcoming flagship features

Samsung Galaxy S8+ was launched earlier in this 2017 in April 2017 and now we will see another flagship upgrades in Samsung Galaxy S9+ with some brilliant, untipped, flagship, awesome features. Samsung is readying three different models of the Galaxy S9 this time-the Galaxy S9, the Galaxy S9+ and the Galaxy S9 Mini. So, here we have certain features of Samsung Galaxy S9+ which are leaked:


Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC and Exynos 9810 Flagship Processors

Samsung has already made headlines to the top when they made a deal with Qualcomm on pre-booking Snapdragon 845 processor chips already. So, it is a clear strategy from Samsung to make way for these smartphones so no other rival companies can enter into competition. For an alternative, they are also producing Exynos 9810 flagship processor which is based on 10nm technology. Whatever they decide, both these processors are going to outperform. Also, the GPU used would be Mali G72


Dual Camera Setup

In this new era of putting up dual rear cameras, Samsung has also decided to put up dual rear cameras in their upcoming Galaxy smartphone. The Galaxy S9+ will have BABR ( broad-band-anti-reflective) coating for better protection of cameras.


Fingerprint Sensor

Earlier, Samsung tried fingerprint sensor on the back with an awkward position but now they will not repeat the same mistakes again and again. Thus, they have decided to put it on the back on the same orientation where other smartphones have.


Android Oreo

Yes it is needless to say but Samsung Galaxy S9+ will also be coming on Android Oreo which would probably be upgradable to Android P.


However, you will get some more updates as time passes by. Till now, we have this much only. But be updated every time as we will be updating every single time.



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