Top 5 OnePlus 5T Features

Top 5 OnePlus 5T Features

Well here is some good news for all the folks who were planning to buy OnePlus 5, as they don't need to look up OnePlus 5 again as just now OnePlus 5T has been launched. The company added some brilliant and insensitive features that are going well with the specifications of this smartphone. I'm really happy to see OnePlus doing such a great job by introducing OnePlus 5T with the same price tag as that of OnePlus 5 and what more you get, the features. So, here are top 5 features that are added to OnePlus 5T:



One of the best things that OnePlus 5T has is the 1080p AMOLED display that has bezel-less design having 18:9 aspect ratio. Really, the smartphone is looking damn charming and I can't wait to feel it in my hands. To be honest, this bezel-less design gives out the best feeling when you compare it with OnePlus 5 which had bezels on top and sideways having 16:9 aspect ratio. So, definitely they have done something new and innovative here. Also, the display is AMOLED, which is just a WOW feature. Also, the brightness of the smartphone is good such that it's clearly visible even in daylight. The contrast ratio is improved as well



The smartphone is completely metallic in nature and the camera positions are wonderful. However, there are no improvements in design as OnePlus 5T has edge to edge display. The fingerprint sensor is at the back just above the OnePlus logo. The fingerprint sensor can be compared with lightning and works pretty fast. Now one thing most people don't bother about is Buttons quality. The buttons quality are top class and have exceptional clicky, tip-tap buttons



As we all know, OnePlus 5 had dual rear cameras setup with telephoto lens that concentrated on DSLR- photos like Bokeh effects. Now, OnePlus 5T has a diffferent vision. It has main 16 MP camera, and along with that it also has 20MP camera with f/1.7 aperture that concentrates specially on low light photography. It uses Intelligent Pixel Technology in extreme low light conditions and the smartphone would outperform any other device in camera. Well this doesnt mean there is no portrait mode, instead the portrait mode would work double good in this.


Face Recognition

Since Apple has introduced its Face ID, every other smartphone company has now indulged there various interests in Facial Recognition system. But one thing that I can tell you is its Face Recognition is insanely quick and apparently 5 times quick than Face ID feature in Apple iPhone X. As soon as you turn this smartphone towards your face, OnePlus 5T gets unlocked. Wow! what a move by OnePlus



Well this doesn't come in the features but I would still like to mention the OnePlus 5T has the same price tag as that of OnePlus 5. The smartphone has various other things that are kept unchanges from OnePlus 5 and that's what you call keeping the originality. Overall, the smartphone is wonderful but still we would have to see how it goes!

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