How to fix Screen Flickering Issue in Lenovo K8 Plus

How to fix Screen Flickering Issue in Lenovo K8 Plus

Many users have complaint about Screen Flickering Issues happening in Lenovo K8 Plus. Thus, it was very important for us to get its root cause and fix this issue. This issue was quite common to all the users of Lenovo K8 Plus and thus it was necessary to get it solved. Thus here is the full solution of Screen Flickering Issue that has been happening in K8 Plus:


Method 1:

Simply try to Switch ON-OFF your adaptive brightness options in LENOVO K8 PLUS and this would help you in Screen Flickering. However, this method is not damn accurate but still, this can work pretty better. Many users claimed there issue has been solved simply by reseting the smartphone. Just try if this seems cool to you.


Method 2:

  1. Open Safe Mode in your device. (If you don't know how to open safe mode in your smartphone, just go through here)
  2. Switch off your smartphone as usual
  3. Restart your smartphone

This method is genuinally correct. If still, these two methods doesnt work for you, you need to wait for exact updates that LENOVO might send you to.


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