Sony SmartWatch 4: Explore the world of possibilities

Sony SmartWatch 4: Explore the world of possibilities

There is no doubt people are bored of smartphones and looking forward to something that is related to their interests and look even cool. Yes, SmartWatches are the things that are freaking cool but it has its own pros and cons. Recently, Sony has revealed that they would be launching their SmartWatch 4 in no way near time which would probably work on Android Wear for all fitness lovers. So, let’s know all about this Sony SmartWatch 4 here:

Update: Sony has revealed that while it's still looking at the smartwatch space it has no plans to launch a new one until it can bring something genuinely compelling to the market, so don't expect to see a SmartWatch 4 any time soon.

Expected Features:

If it gets launched, it would be stuffed with useful, future-proof features that, even today, are only just starting to become commonplace, like built-in GPS, waterproofing, NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities. So you will get all the features like:

  • NFC
  • Bluetooth v4.2
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • Water Resistant

But, as the world of wearable’s keeps advancing and, in doing so, producing some truly innovative and gorgeous timepieces, there's never been a better time for the Sony SmartWatch 4 to share the same stage.

That said, it looks like Sony has put its wearable ambitions on hold , telling us that: "there’s still not a sufficient solution for the end user from a technological point of view. With the watch you have to charge it every day, which is unnatural for a watch.

“Until we find a good, technological solution – or a form factor solution – to make these things feel natural to wear, we’ll keep looking at [the wearables sector].”

So it sounds like a SmartWatch 4 may come one day, but not until Sony can make something really worthwhile. With that in mind, we've set our sights on the future and come up with a wishlist of what we hope to see in Sony's next smartwatch.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The next Android Wear smartwatch from Sony
  • When is it out? Possibly in a year
  • What will it cost? Upwards of $299/£210/AU$420 - if it ever launches
  • Who will be favored users? Fitness lovers, Techy people, Geeks

So, guys aren’t you all waiting for Sony SmartWatch 4 which could be possibly out in the stores one day, and possibly it would rule the world as the engineers are still looking to make it best. Tell us how you found the features of this Sony SmartWatch 4 according to the information shared in our comments box.


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