Reliance Jio stopped production for Jio Feature Phone

Reliance Jio stopped production for Jio Feature Phone

Reliance Jio was once being very brave with their Jio Feature Phones as it was very handy and economical. But recently, a news came that Jio might try Android smartphones in future with low cost. Thus, they have stopped the production of Jio Feature Phones for now. Don't worry, all the orders will still be shipped. But its just the problems for those who wanted those feature phone with KaiOS. Here are the untold things you need to know:


Reliance Jio Discontinued Making KaiOS Based JioPhone

If you are Reliance Jio follower, I guess you are as every general user do related with Jio now in some of the other ways then you must be aware of JioPhone and most important is that knowing about KaiOS operating system which runs on JioPhone itself.



KaiOS is a mobile operating system. It merges the power of a smartphone with the affordability of a feature phone. KaiOS supports 4G and has an app store. Moreover, it is a Firefox OS-based.


Why Reliance Jio is going to a Discontinued production of KaiOS Based JioPhone?

The reasons as per the official sources are that the company is working on making an Android-based phone, which will replace the current model of JioPhone which will be having all capabilities which and the Android smartphone has with it.


What will be the impact of this huge decision?

The Good reason behind this is the new JioPhone will come up with the latest offering and the Android operating system due to this the user won’t be restricted to few apps and with Android, the doors are open via Google Play store to enjoy the bunch of unlimited apps on the go and may more uncountable Android features.

Regretful Reasons:

The regretful reasons are for the those who had pre-booked the JioPhone and which are 6 Million in numbers, yes it’s around 60 Lakhs users who had pre-booked the device and will be purchasing the JioPhone sooner or later this year itself. The users do regret because of the Operating system and lots of restrictions involved such as No Hotspot, Single sim support, Sim cards restricted with Jio only.


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