Difference between Redmi and MI smartphones

Difference between Redmi and MI smartphones

Many of you must have heard of both Redmi and MI smartphones. Apparently, these smartphones are owned by Xiaomi. But then, what's the major difference? Have you ever thought of? The difference between the Mi and Redmi is exactly as same as the difference between Samsung Galaxy Note series and S series. So, let's check at some of the differences that Xiaomi Redmi and MI Smartphones have:


Target Users:

First of all, both the series redmi and MI belong to same manufacturer ie: Xiaomi.Just the difference between the two is redmi series is the budget series of Xiaomi and MI series mostly consist of the flagship phones which are priced from mid-high budget price segment.The Redmi series is mostly targeted towards mid budget range customers ,but sold in large quantities .



The Redmi series phones though lack in modern day features and specs which are offered in Mi series that compete with big budget smartphones available in market today.The reason for such different branding is just a marketing gimmick by Xiaomi,where they earn the name in smartphone market by using both the brands Redmi series for its sales number in bulks and Mi series for its offering over the top competitive market specs and features.But never to critisize,the Redmi phones does lag behind the Mi series in terms of performance and features, but being budgeted priced sells are in excess.

This can be well understood by example of Redmi Note 4 where its now india’s largest selling smartphone (as per Xiaomi’s advt.) and whereas their latest offering Mi A1 with android one instead of Xiaomi’s regular MiUi is competing with the well knowns like One plus and apple (as per India launch event Mi A1).But sooner , its seems likely that both the Xiaomi brandings may compete with each other in terms of specs,price and other offerings .This in term will ultimately help Xiaomi achieve a higher market share in world smartphone market.


Camera Quality:

The MI smartphones come with high-end camera specifications including features like Hi-Fi, Optical Image Stabilization, dual tone flash and manual mode.


Software Updates:

Just like other companies, the Xiaomi brings a faster update to Mi smartphones, when it is rolled out for public (However, it is not the case in MIUI 8).


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