Facebook Unveils News Feed for Desktop Users

Facebook Unveils News Feed for Desktop Users

Facebook has been very keen and reserve this year if we talk about recent upgrades. Just they did some minor bug fixes and changes in there News Feed algorithm, which I think was damn necessary. But now, Facebook, has recently taken a big step for Desktop users that would make ease for these users. Here is, we have a detailed story of this:


Exploring News Feed for Desktop Users: 

Facebook will introduce Explore Feed for users on the desktop to help them discover stories beyond the friends and pages they already follow. The company's tests of an alternative News Feed dubbed the 'Explore' Feed have progressed to a full rollout, the company now confirms. This is the beginning of the official rollout of the Explore Feed


Where would new users find this Explore Feed Feature?

The new feature is found on the left-side bar, within the Explore section - where users also find links to features such as Events, Groups, Pages, Moments, Saved items, among others. Facebook's new Explore Feed provides content that is similar to what the user has already liked, or what is popular among their network of friends. The social media giant has been testing Explore Feed for some time.

"Earlier this year, many publishers identified subscriptions as a top priority, so we worked with a diverse group of partners to design, refine, and develop a test suited for a variety of premium news model," said a blog post by Facebook executives Campbell Brown, Alex Hardiman and Sameera Salari.


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