With these Google Pixel tips, your photos will bloom bright

With these Google Pixel tips, your photos will bloom bright

Spring has sprung, and so have desert wildflowers, daffodils along the highway, and even the tulips you picked up at your florist. Everything seems to be in bloom—and everyone is sharing photos of flowers on social media.

Your petal pics should be the best of the bunch. So with help from Brittany Asch of BRRCH Floral, we’ve gathered a few tips to help you take, store and share the prettiest photos of poppies, petunias, phlox or whatever blossoms you love best—with help from your Pixel, Phone by Google, of course!

  1. Lighting is key. Check your exposure to ensure you're giving your plants and flowers the right amount of light to see the details. On Pixel, you can easily brighten or darken your shot to get the perfect amount of exposure. Tap the camera, the slide your finger up or down to adjust the exposure depending on the lighting conditions.
  2. Consider your frame. Take note of the surrounding area (is it worthy of the ‘gram?). If it’s not, zoom in. If it is, capture a wider angle that shows the full view. On Pixel, you can use a compositional tool to help frame your shot. Look for the grid in the top right of the camera—your arrangement should be at the center of the grid. We recommend 3 x 3 as a ratio for flowers.
  3. That Lens Blur, tho. This Pixel feature will make your photos look professional. Start by clicking on the menu bar at the top left; you’ll see the Lens Blur option second from the bottom. Click on it, take your photo and slowly raise your phone to capture the perfect lens blur. After you snap a photo you can also edit the placement and degree of lens blur. This is a great for up-close shots!
  4. Grab a friendHave him or her pose with your flowers to bring them to life and add depth to the photo.
  5. Take as many as you want With Pixel, you get unlimited high-quality storage with Google Photos for free, so you can try out as many shots as you need without worrying about filling up your phone with dud buds.
  6. Find ‘em later. Just type “flowers” into the search bar in Google Photos for a bouquet of photos just waiting to be shared.

Other tips:

  1. App action shortcuts: A lot like iOS with its Force Touch quick actions, many Android 7.1 stock apps have shortcuts. Just tap and hold any stock app icon like Calendar, Camera, Messenger or Dialler. This brings up a list of quick actions above the icon.
  2. Adjust icon/screen size: In Settings > Display there's a new option to adjust the size of onscreen content and icons. Simply select the Display size option and move the slider until the icons are the size you want them to be.
  3. Turn on the notification light: We'll admit it. We didn't realise the Pixel had a notification light until one helpful INQ reader pointed it out to us. Google doesn't make it easy to find - it's hidden behind the Settings cog in the Device > Notifications menu. Use the slider to activate and have your notifications pulse a different colour depending on their type.
  4. Swipe for notifications: This allows you to use the rear-mounted fingerprint reader to dip in and out of the notification shade and view any new alerts. Swiping up and down scrolls the view. Switch this on and we guarantee you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
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