3 Best SMS Spam Blocking Apps on iOS 11

3 Best SMS Spam Blocking Apps on iOS 11

There are several SMS spam blocking apps on the App Store and we used many of them since the launch of iOS 11 to figure out which ones work the best. These three apps are our favourites. So, let's check this one by one


SMS Shield

SMS Shield is a subscription-based app (Rs. 300 per year) that allows you to block spam messages both manually and using its own machine learning algorithms. SMS Shield worked quite well for us overall and blocked more spam texts than other apps.

It supports blocking by receivers as well, so you can block all texts originating from shortcodes such as “VK-HLACHF” by adding *-HLACHF as a blocked number under the Custom Block List feature. There’s no easy way to create a whitelist, but you can report individual messages as not spam by pasting the text in the app.


SMS Checker

SMS Checker is a free app if you just want to block texts manually via keywords. There’s an in-app purchase (Rs. 500) to enable online filters for automatic blocking. If a subscription based blocking app is not for you, then you can pay a one-time in-app purchase and get SMS Checker.

The app makes it very easy to create a whitelist and a blacklist, with multiple toggles for custom keywords in the message or in the name of the sender. Its automatic spam message blocking isn’t as good as that of SMS Shield, but that could change based on how many people use the app, and how often its filters get updated.



VeroSMS is a free app that lets you block spam messages via targeted keywords. An in-app purchase worth Rs. 80 lets you block texts based on crowdsourced keywords. If you don’t want to pay much, this app does a great job blocking spam messages as long you have the patience to manually enter keywords to block.

These keywords can also be the name of a sender such as HLACHF or DUNKIN and the app will put them in the junk folder. VeroSMS is competent at getting the job done, but the problem is that you have to do most of the work.

We tried quite a few other apps that didn’t make the cut here for various reasons. The most obvious choice here is Truecaller, whose USP is blocking spam calls and messages. Surprisingly enough however, this app failed to block spam messages in our tests. Another person was able to independently verify this too, so at the moment we can’t recommend it. Other apps we tried but didn’t like much were SMS Blocker (ugly interface) and SMS Filter (has ads if you don’t pay).

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