Nokia 7 which is supposed to Launch on 19th October in China, got LEAKED

Nokia 7 which is supposed to Launch on 19th October in China, got LEAKED

When HMD took over Nokia, noone thought they could do this much impressive job. After launching Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, Nokia 8 and Nokia 9, the number which was missing in this series were 4 and 7. I don't know what's the scene happened with number 4 but certainly they are planning it for future maybe. Now, we have number 7 with us which was left out. So, Nokia 7 is now to be launched officially in China on 19th October. Recently, HMD achieved a milestone of selling 2 million smartphones. Now, again they are going the right way. Let's now look at how Nokia 7 will turn out to be:


Nokia 7 Launch Event Teaser:

Nokia 7 may become the next Nokia smartphone to be unveiled as the company has sent out invites for a launch in China on October 19.

While there is no mention of which handset will be unveiled in the Nokia invite, a teaser on Tmall with the same date points to the number '7', or Qi in Chinese. This has sparked the speculation that it will be Nokia 7 that the company will unveil at the event.


Nokia 7 Leaked Specifications:  

  • The Nokia 7 will be launched in three configurations - 3GB RAM/ 32GB storage, 4GB RAM/ 32GB storage, and 4GB RAM/ 64GB storage.
  • It is supposed to be powered by a Snapdragon 630 SoC which is not a flagship processor, but somewhat better than Snapdragon 625 SoC. 
  • Nokia 7 would also support OZO Audio and Bothie features.


So, we have to wait and watch till Nokia 7 is officially launched. Also, we would have to look at its price section as well.

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