How Dual Cameras are useful in smartphones? Triple Cameras in future smartphones??

How Dual Cameras are useful in smartphones? Triple Cameras in future smartphones??

Many of you must have known the concept of Dual Rear Cameras in smartphones. This trend got very much in practical after iPhone 7 plus came with the concept of Dual Rear Cameras. Since then, every smartphone company has been trying to improve there smartphone's camera quality by putting Dual rear cameras. Somewhere, we have also seen madness where Infocus Turbo 5 has even Dual front cameras. This madness is not very going in correct direction. I hope this gets stable in some days. For now, I have to explain the whole concept of Dual Cameras and explain its working. So here it is:


What is a dual camera smartphone?

 A dual camera phone refers to a smartphone which has dual cameras on the rear. The built in dual camera is actually a dual lens camera which is also called stereo camera and makes the picture more vivid and detailed. A stereo camera is a type of camera with two or more lenses with a separate image sensor or film frame for each lens. This allows the camera to simulate human binocular vision, and therefore gives it the ability to capture three-dimensional images, a process known as stereo photography. Another dual camera is used to capture both still images and videos.


How does dual camera phone work?

Dual camera phones feature use two cameras including a primary camera and a second primary camera. Primary camera does the same work or with little modification as it does in typical smartphone while the second primary camera normally has 2 features. The first is to add clarity of the image with the help of monochrome feature and the second is for zooming purpose. And sometimes in a dual lens camera setup one camera is used to take the pictures and the other one is to capture the depth of field. 


Advantages of dual lens camera in smartphones:

  1. Greater depth of field in pictures
  2. Faster focus
  3. Refocus ability
  4. Better picture clarity


Disadvantages of the dual camera in a smartphone:

  1. Looks bulky (camera region)

  2. The disadvantage is that you have to pay more for that extra camera, and the camera will consume more battery, not mentioning the fact that camera usually consumes a lot of battery.


How about Triple cameras in Smartphones? 

On the triple camera verdict, no buddy, you won’t be seeing it anytime soon. This is because most of the fauna in Earth has binocular vision, and we have more knowledge only upto that level. Eventhough there are some with multi-faceted eyesight (bees, flies), we’ve not been able to study in-depth about their sight.

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