Google Home and Wi-Fi Launched

Google Home and Wi-Fi Launched

What would happen if your smartphone follow the footsteps of you and become your best companion? Yes, Google have been working on the same technology for years until they come up with a wonderful solution and this time, this solution would let them win over even aliens. The introduction of Google Home and Google Wi-Fi may be a boon to the smartphone industry in some near time, but what they are exactly? Let's find out here:


Google Home:

Google Home is a hands-free smart speaker ( just like Siri in Apple iPhones) powered by Google Assistant which let's the users to get any tasks done. You may use Google Home for your daily everyday needs like turning up music, finding way on Google Maps, downloading app from PlayStore, setting your alarm, etc. To enable Google Home, you just have to speak," OK, Google" and it would automatically start off.

Benefits of Google Home:

  1. Asking Queries: You may ask any queries to Google Home depending what you want to get it searched, like Google Search, Maps, Translate. Google Home uses optimisation, machine learning and voice recognization algorithms to interact with users taking help from Google Assistant.
  2. Music Mania: You can even select the music and get it played using Google Home just by telling the name of the song. Also, alternatively, you can get the songs played as per your mood and the playlists saved.
  3. Everyday Tasks: If you ever come across a problem, like finding the way, or searching any song, Google Home would definitely help you by using Google Assistant and get your work done.
  4. Enhance your mood: Who would not love company when you are all alone? Yes, Google Home would do that for you as well. It can read out some motivational quotes or crack some jokes when you're going through a bad day. Also, it would keep you updated with the latest news like BBC, Fox Studios once you say, " OK Google"


Requirements: Google Home requires a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical outlet, and a compatible (Android/iOS) smartphone with Android version 4.2 or above/ iOS 8 or above.


Google Wi-Fi:

It feels frustated when you are watching live videos on streaming and it infinitely loads with buffering or when you play multiplayer games with some lags. But, Google has found a way out to solve this riddle as well.

  • Let's introduce you with Google Wi-Fi which is a home Wi-Fi solution that works with your modem and ISPs (Internet Service Provider) to bring reliable coverage. The routers which were designed earlier have low bandwidth due to which they are getting useless in today's environment.
  • Google Wi-Fi is a better connected system that replaces your current router to make it smart, secure, robust and simple which would increase the coverage of the network signals of the connection.


Technology: Google Wi-Fi uses a technology called mesh Wi-Fi that has been only used in expensive communication networks. Within mesh network, each Google Wi-Fi point creates a high- powered connection, and the different Wi-Fi points work together to determine the best path to travel for your data on the basis of cost and traffic factor. The main objectove is to maximize the Wi-Fi coverage even in worst affected areas.


Requirements: Google Wi-Fi requires broadband Internet. The Strength and speed of signal will depend on the connection that is provided by your ISPs (Internet Service Provider). Each WiFi point requires a nearby electrical outlet. This app requires a smartphone with Android version 4 or above/ iOS 8 or above


If you have used Google Home and Google Wi-Fi, then let us know you experiences as well? Also, let us know if we missed some of the main points as well!




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