Reliance JioFi4 Features| Specifications| Price| Availability

Reliance JioFi4 Features| Specifications| Price| Availability

Reliance Jio has come up with a yet another JioFi 4 after its predecessor JioFi 3 and JioFi 2. In this post, we would be sharing Latest Reliance JioFi 4 Specifications, Features & Pricing.


What is Reliance JioFi 4 used for?

Well, the JioFi is for users who do not have 4G compatible device and uses the same 2G or 3G gadgets to connect with internet, while the Jio is trying to get that customer and providing the best way to connect with the Digital world with 4G connection by providing the series of JioFi device.

As of now, Reliance Jio has launched thee new JioFi 4 with some major changes to the design and further hardware improvement.


Latest Reliance JioFi 4 Specifications, Features & Pricing:


Reliance JioFi 4 Specifications:

Design JioFi 4 comes with the larger body than the JioFi 3, JioFi 2, and the new model also has matte finish body.
Display OLED display, which shows information of battery, Wi-Fi status, and the mobile data signal strength.
Interface The JioFi 4 comes with just icons, but an OLED panel is a better option than the icons.
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n module.
Connection JioFi 2 allows you to connect 31 devices at the same time with the Wi-Fi hotspot feature.
USB Tethering Yes.
Battery JioFi 4 has the battery capacity of 2600mAh.
Extras Contains microSD card slot.
Connectivity WAN: LTE (2300/1800/850MHz), IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4G only  
Power Supply AC: 100-240V; DC: 5V&1A
Dimensions 85 mm X 55 mm X 16 mm
SAR Body value 1.26 W/kg
Package Includes 1 x Router, USB Adapter, USB Cable, Battery, Warranty Card



Reliance JioFi 4 Pricing:

The hotspot device has priced at Rs. 1,250 which can be said a budget device as compared to other portable hotspots available in the market.


Reliance JioFi 4 Availability:

The hotspot Reliance JioFi 4 device is available on all Reliance Jio Digital stores, Jio Mini Express or you can buy from

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