Neonode Launches ‘AirBar’ to give 13-inch MacBook Air a Touchscreen

Neonode Launches ‘AirBar’ to give 13-inch MacBook Air a Touchscreen

Well, we are living into the world of smartphones and technologies and no one can deny the fact that iOS users are getting benefits from their respective companies every other day. Everyone loves touchscreens, so that we could spot the fingers on the screen and do every possible work rolling our fingers. So, Neonode Corporations did the work by putting up extra efforts and launched AirBar to give MacBook into a touchscreen model. Really, this was a huge comeback for such iOS users. Let’s have a clear and brief look towards AirBar launched by Neonode:


Who would believe and digest the fact this AirBar would convert the non-touchscreens into touchscreen laptops? But, yes, fortunately we have this for our users. Here are some of the hardware factors about the AirBar:

  • Weight: 55-60 gms
  • Length: 373mm
  • It supports 15.6” screen size having an aspect ratio of 16:9
  • It is quite slim as only 5mm wide
  • It comes with a cable length of 243mm
  • Also, it comes with AirBar sensor inside the box



To be honest, inventions like don’t need any features as these are super stunning things but it is very realistic to have some features as a product and some of AirBar’s features include:

  1. Plug and Play:

It is so easy to use that even users will be thankful to Neonode. You just have to put the charged bar at the bottom of non-touchscreen display and plug it in the USB port available on your MacBook, it would start off which would track movements and gestures. Thus plug it and touch wherever you want.


  1. Window gestures:

There are more things that you can do with this AirBar on a non-touchscreen display. Since, it is multitouch so you can even use like zooming in, zooming out, scroll, move, dragging, pressing, releasing and many other as well.


  1. Works with anything:

This is a super feature as generally in our smartphones, it works with our fingers only. But this AirBar can optimize to feel the touch for fingers as well as for gloves, pencils or brushes. How amusing is this?


  1. Multiple Size options:

It is not released for a single kind of display, that means you can use this Neonode’s product even with any screens of 13, 14, 15.6” and convert it as touchscreen.


  1. Multiple Support:

It was initially thought it would support only iOS, but it supports various platforms like ChromeOS, Windows as well and thus in this way, they engaged more users.



For many users, it came like a Boom! But for other users, they opposed AirBar pointing out several defects and disadvantages:

  • Using magnets can be very tricky in case of any Electronic machine
  • The Magnet Neonode AirBar requires can permanently alter your MacBook and you would probably end up regretting this.
  • A touchscreen isn’t the necessity in case of display machine so it might come out as a negative invention.
  • AirBar sometimes doesn’t recognize another touch when it is placed on the earlier touch. This might happen as the fingers block the light in the same space and the light could spot out only one finger.
  • Since, it comes out with only USB support and with a magnet bar, thus lacking use of technology. This problem could be solved with the use of Bluetooth version where the Neonode AirBar could start with Bluetooth.




Let’s look up at all the user reviews who tried Neonode AirBar for their non-touchscreens:

  • People have rated AirBar as 5 Star product on
  • Neonode AirBar doesn’t come for Monitor Screens so it would be better if they come up with such idea.
  • AirBar is compatible with all type of screen sizes of 13.3”, 14”, and 15.6” with ease.’
  • It uses magnets for starting the technology.
  • Neonode AirBar doesn’t come up with the Bluetooth version right now.


Neonode AirBar prices:

Although, when AirBar didn’t come into the market, it was rumored to come up with a price tag of $69 but as to surprise all MacBook users, Neonode surprised all the users by coming up with $49(Rs.3400). So, it isn’t quite expensive and only for those who want some more thrills as well. 

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