Best iPhone7 & iPhone7+ VR Headsets

Best iPhone7 & iPhone7+  VR Headsets

There is no doubt that the most trending thing of these days is the VR Headsets revolution and just because you own all new iPhone7 doesn’t mean you would feel the gaming action. Also, Apple hasn’t made their own VR Headset, thus giving chances to other big companies in this field. But in the meantime, we have spotted some of the best VR headsets available in the market that are compatible with your iPhone7 and iPhone 7 plus. Let’s have a brief look at this:


This model is completely different from all other models as this is specially-designed with a set of leading-edge optics technology. It’s some of the features include:

  • It contains tracking sensors which can track the movements.
  • It is compatible to most of the apps like Apple App store and Google Play Store.
  • It offers special optics kit which is much more than providing plastics and cardboards.
  • Its second generation model called VR One GX will be coming soon.

       Price: The ZEISS is the considerable a good VR headset but also costlier. Its retail price is     $99.99 on

  1. Bnext VR Glasses:

The trendy design of this VR Headset with the advanced technology provides enough things to queue up in the Virtual Reality world. It has also superior HD optimization.

  • It has been primed for an immersed 3D experience.
  • Head Strap can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Its nose piece reduces pressure and comfort to enjoy gaming.
  • It is blessed with superior HD optimization.
  • Also contains eyesight protection system.
  • Its rated as 9.2 out of 10(Editorial rating).

      Price: It is available on Amazon at $45.99 however, according to the company; its retail purchase would cost you $69.95.

  1. Google Cardboard:

It is probably the low cost VR model in this industry and unarguably one of the best. Also, its brand is Google which itself is trusted so Users can trust upon this. Its some of the features include:

  • Strap has NFC technology.
  • Made up of AAA- grade corrugated paper
  • Compatible to all phones from 3.5” to 6” in size.
  • One of the cheapest VR Headsets.

        Price: Its retail price is $15.00 but it’s available on Amazon in $11.06.

  1. Elegant Virtual Reality Box:

It is basically designed for children and all the people suffering from eye disease as it contains eye protection system. Other features are:

  • 30% reduce of pressure in your eyes.
  • Contains thick, padded cushion by which you can watch for longer time.
  • It is user friendly as your iPhone is kept safe and ventilated.
  • It has 4.5 Stars under Amazon review.
  • Its price is affordable,

        Price: It is available for $24.99 on Amazon

  1. Xiaomi Mi VR Play:

The Mi VR Play is ultra-cheap VR headset that anyone could afford. Some of its features are:

  • Comes with bunch of funky styles.
  • It works for any phone for 4.7”-5.7” size.
  • It is rated as 4.0 stars (from
  • It is compatible to all types of phones.

         Price: It’s available on $14.56 from (promo offer).

  1. Canbor VR Goggles:

This is a very interesting VR Headset which even comes with a controller. It contains ergonomic head belt, super foam, and adjustable straps which can reduce pressure from Nose Bridge. Other features are:

  • It comes with Controller.
  • It uses anti-radiation and HD anti-blue ray glass to resist blue light and provides enough immersion and clarity.
  • Contains adjustable pupil and focal distance.
  • It reduces nose pressure.
  • It can be used for longer periods.
  • It is reviewed as 4 Star product ( Amazon).

           Price: There are endless features but it’s bit expensive. It is available on Amazon for $49.99.

  1. Voxkin VR Glasses:

Another great VR Headset for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus comes from Voxkin. This is a bit cheap Headset and all the users who have low budget but want to end up buying the Value for Money product can look for this. Some of the features are:

  • It allows user to manipulate the pupillary distance to make it suitable for them to view wide range of characteristics.
  • Adjustable strap lets you mount on any head size, thereby improving comfort.
  • It has eye protection system which reduces eye strain.
  • It can be customized as per wish by users.
  • It is rated as 3.5 Star product(Amazon).

Price: Although, this VR Glasses are filled with features but they are not so expensive. Voxkin VR Glasses are available in $22.99(Amazon).

So, according to me these are the 7 best VR Glasses that are compatible for your iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus and I personally recommend you all to select from these 7.  Do Let us know your VR glasses experience and how did you find that?

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