What should we expect from iPhone 8 ahead of its launch???

What should we expect from iPhone 8 ahead of its launch???

iPhone 8 is to be launched tomorrow in front of the whole world but still, there are many things which are left unclear even a day before of its launch, such as what processor might iPhone 8 come with? What new technology would iPhone 8 contain? So, here are the list of things we should expect from iPhone 8 and if these things won't be present, then iPhone 8 would be useless:


Rumored Specifications in iPhone 8:

  • iPhone 8 will feature 2GB of RAM, while the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X feature 3GB RAM each.
  • References made in the code suggested that the iPhone X will feature a 12-megapixel rear camera with support for 4K videos at 60fps and 1080p videos at 240fps.
  • The iPhone X is also expected to feature a 7-megapixel front camera which will offer support for video recording in 1080p resolution at 30fps.

Wireless Charging in iPhone 8:

Apple has planned it for iPhone 8 very earlier, and thus it might feature support for wireless charging, the company itself has hinted in iOS 11 GM software code, which got leaked over the weekend. Ahead of Tuesday's big iPhone event, a plethora of details about the upcoming iPhone models and other products and services have surfaced online, putting further pressure on Apple executives to create the "wow effect" its events have become known for.


iOS 11 GM:

Combing through the unreleased iOS 11 GM (a version of software that is nearly as good as the final version would be, and it is often released to developers and other stakeholders for internal testing), Brazilian iOS developer Guilherme Rambo chanced upon references of wireless charging in the code. "It will even show some 3D animations when charging," Rambo tweeted. What would these 3D animations look like is anyone's guess, he added, noting that those animation files were nowhere to be found in the software.


Six Core Apple SoC in iPhone X??

Also spotted in the code was references to the iPhone X model featuring a six-core Apple SoC. The company may have plans to pack four high performance "Mistral" cores and two energy efficient "Monsoon" cores, according to developers who looked at the code. To offer some perspective, the current generation iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are powered by quad-core Apple A10 SoCs, which comprise two high performance cores and two high-efficiency cores.


Animoji- Emojis with Human Face:

According to developers, Apple plans to launch three new models of iPhone, an Apple Watch with support for LTE connectivity, refreshed AirPods wireless earphones, and 3D emoticons called Animoji, which could resemble human faces.


Face Recognition in iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X:

  • The anticipated facial authentication technology the new iPhone models - iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X - are expected to feature, based on previous reports.
  • Face ID will not only let people unlock their iPhone's lock screen, but it could also be used to confirm purchases in iTunes and request autofill feature of Safari to be triggered.

  • Separately, in a note KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a splendid record with predictions about Apple's forthcoming products, shared more about the components the company is using to enable Face ID.
  • Apple has set up four Face ID components - structured light transmitter, structure light receiver, front camera, and time of flight/proximity sensor - to enable the facial recognition capability that the company is widely expected to pitch as a replacement to its Touch ID fingerprint scanner.


Improvements in Front-Facing Camera:

The structured light modules are likely vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays operating in the infrared spectrum, Kuo wrote, adding that these modules are being used to collect depth information that further integrates with two-dimensional image data from the front-facing camera. Apple then stitches together these data and makes a 3D rendition, Kuo wrote.




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