Facebook Watch is now Live in United States, Read Full Report Here

Facebook Watch is now Live in United States, Read Full Report Here

Now there is some good news for the people in United States as the Facebook Watch is now live for everyone in US and this is how Facebook thanked the people of US. Read the whole report and see what more I have it for you:

Facebook Watch now for everyone in US:

Facebook’s original video-viewing hub is now live for everyone in the US on mobile, desktop, and Facebook TV, but will people start using it? Facebook announced at the end of August that it was rolling out Facebook Watch, a separate tab for hundreds of original shows, with content sponsored by the company and other media partnerships.


Facebook Watch is now free from ClickBait

After Facebook opens up content creation to everyone and not just a select group of creators, the Watch tab could become a livelier and better curated place. But so far, Facebook Watch looks like a sparse version of YouTube, with very few options and cringeworthy clickbait videos like, “Sexy Girl on the Beach” where a woman learns how to call her husband good-looking on a beach, and “Funeral Prank” where people are scared by a moving corpse at a funeral.

There are more meaningful shows like the beautifully haunting short sci-fi French film called Lost Memories, and American Gothic is Overrated, presented by our sister site Vox, which offers a short art history lesson on a viral meme.


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