Apple’s going to launch iOS 10.3| SPecifications| Updates| Comparison

Apple’s going to launch iOS 10.3| SPecifications| Updates| Comparison

Whenever there’s a new update from Apple, iOS users get a chance to jump and dance with this new Year Apple is going to gift them a new iOS version to seed, i.e., 10.3. This version is most talked about as it would contain a “Popcorn shaped” icon named as “Theater” confirmed by the Apple hardware leaker Sonny Dickson in a series of tweets mentioning the expected dates and control shaped icon. But still, there are many more things that you need to know while knowing about this new version of 10.3. Let’s cover it point by point:

Comparing 10.3 Version vs. Current Version:

However, it is still not specific what it would look like but it is coming in “Theater” mode with a Popcorn shaped control icon. Apple’s current iOS version is iOS 10.2 launched in earlier December with new emoji characters and new feature of TV. Later on, they came up with beta version of iOS 10.2.1 for testing with minor bug fixes and better performances perspectives.

Rumored features of iOS 10.3:

There is no debate that Apple is going to launch updated iPad Models in the first quarter of this year, probably March or April with some improved features, so there’s a slight possibility of linking these models with the updated version of iOS 10.3. Some of the rumored features are:

  • Improved Apple Pencil to go with Hardware support
  • 3D technology touch Menu items
  • Connecting multiple Apple iOS watches at real time making it more compatible
  • Night Shift mode as the theme is all about “Theater”
  • Reduced notifications on any iOS device to make it worthy
  • Dimmed screen lighting for adequate battery consumption

Since these are rumored features, so it does not mean these are the last features and maybe this is all a distraction as Theatre mode could also be Apple’s new mode of Dark Mode in iOS. Till it is not officially announced by Apple itself, things are pretty unclear now.


Expected Release:

Since, the base of the news of the release of this iOS version is all a rumor so no one exactly knows when Apple will seed the newest version of their iOS, and whether they put a beta version to test or directly put up their version. However, according to a leaker, Apple’s newest version of iOS 10.3 will be released on 10th January.


So, is it a great deal guys? Since, this is not officially announced but still many guys can wait for this version, but surely this version would be a New Year’s gift to their users. I’m amused by looking at their way of celebrating New Year with their users. Do let us know how you feel about this new version?




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