Apple iPhone 8 to cost $1000?? iPhone 8 to contain 512GB memory??

Apple iPhone 8 to cost $1000?? iPhone 8 to contain 512GB memory??

The iPhone 8 will be priced at around $999, according to people briefed on the product. The report goes on to mention several of the iPhone 8’s signature features, including the all-screen design, facial recognition, and wireless charging.Reports earlier this week revealed the potential dates for Apple’s fall iPhone event and maybe even the actual release date for the iPhone 8, but they’re yet to be confirmed.


Other Rumors about iPhone 8:

  • Other rumors said that the iPhone 8 will be available in three configurations, including 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB of storage. Each model will have 3GB of RAM.
  • A price of $999 for the 64GB iPhone 8, which keeps it just shy of $1,000, would imply that the most expensive iPhone 8 would retail for $1,199.


Would $1000 price tag affect buyers?

If the $999 prediction is accurate, it also suggests that Apple may keep the current iPhone pricing structure in place for the iPhone 7s model. Prices range from $649 (32GB iPhone 7) to $969 (256GB iPhone 7 Plus).

The most expensive iPhone 7s Plus should still be cheaper than the entry-level iPhone 8, to make it more interesting to buyers not ready to pay $1,000 for a new phone.


Upgraded Memory upto 512GB:

  • The upcoming iPhone 8 will launch in three storage options - the base 64GB, a middle 256GB and a whopping 512GB one - and all three will have 3GB of RAM and the new Apple A11 chip.
  • This means Apple will doubles the available storage options compared to the iPhone 7 lineup (which has 32GB/128GB/256GB).

  • The information comes by way of a China leak showing the alleged 64GB storage chip, built by Sandisk. According to the source the 64GB and 256GB flash storage will be manufactured by Sandisk and Toshiba, while the 512GB unit by Samsung and Hynix.

We advise not to get your hopes too high until Apple confirms it officially though.



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