Opera Neon |Reviews |Features |How to use| Specifications|

Opera Neon |Reviews |Features |How to use| Specifications|

What is Opera Neon?

Opera Neon is basically a concept browser imitated by well renowned browser company, Opera. This Opera Neon is basically designed to allow users to focus on the content which is the heart of internet. Opera Neon also provides users to interact with web content, and even pop content out of the web. All these things are initiated by Opera Foundations just to make it more user friendly Browser to all the users.


Objective of Opera Neon:

After the introduction of Free VPN and native ad-blocker to its desktop browser last year, their latest efforts comes from the Opera Neon which is believed to be an experimental browser available for both Mac and Windows Users. However, the main aim of releasing this web browser is to showcase Opera’s long – term vision for the browser where many people can relate to this web browser and where smartphones can stand in for a PC when connected to larger displays.

Features in Opera Neon Browser:

  1. Snap-to-Gallery:

Opera Neon allows its users to crop, snap and save images of their online purchases, or a meme, or an important photo from the web to Neon’s Gallery tab. The images will be labeled with its web address so users can find the images later using the same web address.

  1. Virtual Reality:

Opera Neon has developed a new physics engine which lets the users to feel the objects like real, so users can have a sense of Virtual reality whenever they click, drag or push any object in the browser. So, over and all, this browser is more than just a window that connects with internet.  

  1. Video-pop out:

Opera Neon has a wonderful feature that might just attract a lot of users. Under this, Videos can be popped out into their own adjustable, movable window so users can keep watching their favorite video on the internet and also do their other work simultaneously providing them the ease of time.

  1. Gravity:

The browser developed by Opera Foundations offers its users through endless browser tabs to find the website they want. Also, it contains a gravity feature which automatically sorts the tab upwards which is often used by users, so users can feel the ease of using the tab from upwards.



  • Opera Neon includes Split-screen mode which means users can use two pages simultaneously and compare certain things on internet.
  • The front page of the web browser contains the same desktop background image so as to keep friendly relations with users.
  • Some additional features like Video Player, Download Manager and Image Gallery onto left sidebar.
  • Video pop-out, which lets its users to watch video and browsing web pages simultaneously.
  • Features like Gravity, frequently used tabs float to the top are also added to Opera Neon to ease the use for users.
  • New Visual tab bar on the right sidebar to distinguish with the existing tabs.

Opera Neon Availability:

Opera Foundations have stressed upon the newly launched web Browser, Opera Neon and said that it won’t replace the current Operating Browser in any way. This might be called as the, ”Sneak Peek” into the future of Browsers as it is loaded with all the features and nothing else. But since the Official Version with the better functionalities will be launched somewhere later in this Year, but the users can also download the test Versions for free. Also, this browser is made out from a scratch.

It supports both the Operating System as of now, i.e. Mac and Windows and available for free on their websites.



So, what we’ve learnt so far is Opera Neon is just an experimental browser made out from the Opera which won’t replace its main browser as of now. The users can easily download it 

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