What is Stock Android??? News Update: Stock Android is no longer the best version of Android

What is Stock Android??? News Update: Stock Android is no longer the best version of Android

If you are an Android fan and are using Android phones from a long time then you must have heard few terms like Stock Android or Pure Android or Vanilla ROM. A thought must have been clicked in your mind that what is this stock ROM or pure Android. Then we will clear all doubts in this article. First make it clear that Stock ROM or Pure Android ROM or Vanilla ROM are almost same, therefore in this article we will use the word “Stock ROM or Stock Android” for all these words. Stock Android is created, developed and provided by Google and is the base of all the OS that comes pre-installed in any Android phone.


What is Stock Android?

Stock Android is the pure version of Android that is directly provided by Google without any modifications and are available for Nexus devices, which means that all the Nexus devices comes with Stock Android by default. It means the OS that explains how Android OS should be. In simple words, stock Android represents the Android as a whole. The latest version of Android is Android 6.0 Marshmallow which comes by default in Nexus 5x and Nexus 6P and is also available for many other eligible Nexus devices.

Stock Android comes with only the important applications and tools that is needed to run the OS or which Google thinks are important for the Android users, which means that Stock Android does not come with any bloatware and skin over it. Other than Nexus devices, all the smartphones comes with skinned Android OS, for example, Samsung devices comes with TouchWiz, HTC devices with Sense UI and so on. These manufacturers use the Stock Android as their base and brand it according to them.


Stock Android is no longer best version of Android:

Stock Android devices are generally guaranteed to be zippy, but ever-more-powerful hardware means the differences become less noticeable with every generation.

Three or four years ago, it was pretty much impossible to find an Android phone that performed as smoothly as a Nexus device. But when I reviewed the Huawei Mate 9, which is about as far from stock Android as it gets, I was surprised to find performance as buttery as any device I’ve used – and moreover, that it’s held up over the months.

Stock Android doesn’t even guarantee faster updates. I’ve seen a weak correlation between skins and update frequency, especially in the US and India.

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