Idea to launch Cheap smartphone to compete with Reliance Jio??????

Idea to launch Cheap smartphone to compete with Reliance Jio??????

A few days back, Jio announced its new plan for the future. The company surprised everyone with a very appealing Jio Phone that effectively costs 0 INR. Ever since the announcement of the same, there have been a lot of speculations surrounding this. In fact, there were reports that Airtel is also about to launch a new rival phone and now, we have yet another report which says that Idea cellular is also looking to launch a Jio Phone rival.

Idea's Feature Phone to be launched or this is a hoax??

With the popularity gained by Reliance Jio smartphone and that too, for free, people are getting crazy for Reliance Jio free smartphones. Admist of all these odds coming out, Idea is planning to launch another cheap smartphone which would compete against Jio Feature Phone. I have done a lot of research and found out these facts. So let's see what we have in this edition of report:


Jio Feature Phone Drawbacks:

  • It has reported that Himanshu Kapania, the managing director of Idea Cellular Limited, has raised net neutrality concerns about Jio Phone.
  • He said that the Jio Phone will not support most of the apps which a customer would prefer to install.
  • According to him, the choice of apps will not work since it is forcing consumers to use an individual operator’s apps.

  • He also said that they are working with a bunch of OEMs to come up with their own device in the market.
  • It looks like Idea is also going to join Airtel and launch a new Jio Phone rival.


How costly this Idea's Phone would be?

Unlike Jio Phone, Idea’s offering will not as inexpensive. Don’t expect the Idea’s phone to cost 0 INR or 1,500 INR for that matter. Kapania has admitted that their offering will be slightly expensive than Jio Phone, but it looks like it will be worth the extra pennies.


Expected Features in Idea's Feature Phone:

  • This phone offering from Idea won’t be locked to one particular carrier like Jio phone is locked with Jio 4G network.
  • It looks like the Idea’s phone can be used with any carrier and it will also allow the users to choose which apps to install with support for a lot of apps like Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Hence, it is expected that this new phone could cost somewhere around 2,500 INR, which is obviously higher than Jio phone, but it is still less than what you would pay for something like the new Nokia 3310.
  • Having said that, we would like to know your thoughts on this. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

After all that we know, all we could sense is much of Rivalry between these telecom companies. May the best wins amongst them!

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