What is Cortana??? Microsoft redesigns Cortana for Android, adding some new features| Know here

What is Cortana??? Microsoft redesigns Cortana for Android, adding some new features| Know here

What is Cortana?

Cortana is a voice-controlled virtual assistant for Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1. Comparable to Siri, the intelligent assistant enabled on Apple devices, Microsoft's Cortana will use the Bing search engine and data stored on the user's smartphone by to make personalized recommendations.

But since this is only compatible to Windows OS, so there is considerably loss to Cortana around the markets and thus they introduced Cortana for Android. Little less they knew the fact, Cortana needed some changes and they were drastic. Right now, I'll be talking about the changes that Microsoft is going to implement on Cortana, for Android.


Cortana for Android update by Microsoft:

The Software giant, Microsoft pushed a new update to its personal assistant, Cortana for Android platform. The new update brings some design changes as well as few new features to the Cortana. Android version of Cortana is not as good as Windows Phone version but at least it is now better for Android users.

The latest update for Cortana for Android brings visual changes on the setting page of the digital assistant which allows users to easily manage the app. With the new update, Cortana ditches the bottom navigation bar in favor of the new hamburger menu which gives quick access to settings, themes etc. So everything is now one tap or two tap away. Thanks Microsoft for this!



What Cortana do right now?

Cortana now has option to make hands-free calls and texts, thanks to latest update. The main feed of Cortana is now separated in two different sections: Upcoming & Interests. As the name suggests, upcoming section will contain all your upcoming event, reminders etc. Interest section will show you feed based on your usage and interest. You can download new version of Cortana from Google Play Store. If you already installed Cortana on your Android smartphone then you just have to update your app.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Band 2 is not supported in this version of Cortana, this might be a very sad news but I guess they would come up with wonderful solutions in near future.

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