FAQ’s All About Reliance JioPhone – HotSpot | WhatsApp | Plans | Pricing | Availability

FAQ’s All About Reliance JioPhone – HotSpot | WhatsApp | Plans | Pricing | Availability

Hello to all our reader of Stuffcompare, as per all you demand we are sharing an FAQ’s article on All About Reliance JioPhone to clarify all your doubts and uncertainties about the JioPhone. We will be covering topics such as HotSpot functionality, Whatsapp support, What are the available Plans and Pricing, the operating system installed and lastly about registrations Furthermore Availability of this tiny but powerful featured phone with lots of capabilities.

We all are very well aware of the facts and figures about Reliance JioPhone roughly. So to get the perfect knowledge about this device move ahead and read out the FAQ’s and their answers.


1. What is the actual Price of Reliance JioPhone? Is it free or cost “Zero”?

  • Yes, Reliance Jio JioPhone will have an Effective Price of Rs. 0 but there is a simple catch which you need to understand, its a long term investment plan of Rs. 1500 which initially you need to pay which you need to pay while on the purchase.
  • Later on, Reliance Jio promised that after 3 Years you could submit your phone to our retail stores and outlets and take back Rs. 1500/-.
  • But do you think someone will return their JioPhones after usage of 3 consecutive years?
  • May be yes, some customers will like to return featured phone and will buy a new JioPhone 

2. How to book Reliance JioPhone?

  • Well on the occasion of 40 years of Reliance Industries AGM: Mukesh Ambani launched Reliance Jiophone and stated that the Pre booking would be starting from 24th of August.
  • If you want to get a first hands on then, you can enroll as a beta tester of this JioPhone where you can buy this device.
  • The registration has already begun at Jio.com.


3. Available Plan and Pricing for Reliance JioPhone?

  • There exist a default and a unique Plan for JioPhone users which cost Rs. 153 which can be used particularly with that Jio sim card only which you will buy at a time of purchase of the new phone.

  • Apart from that, there are additional Sachet recharge plans of Rs. 54 & Rs. 24 respectively, these sachet plans will provide the same benefits but the only difference of validity the Rs. 54 recharge will be valid for one week where as Rs. 24 will be valid for two days.



4. The Rs. 153 recharge plan will provide True unlimited free internet without speed capping/FUP/Slowing Jio internet speed?

  • Jio advertised at the announcement that the free internet data would Unlimited, but again there is a catch that the Jio customer will be 500MB of high-speed free internet data on daily basis and post usage the speed will be slow down to 128kbps.


Do you think 500MB free internet data will be enough for a day on JioPhone?

Yes, it will be more than sufficient to utilize 500MB of data on this device as the maximum of usage will do via JioMovieJioTV or JioMusic, but we should keep in mind the fact that the JioPhone has 2.4-inch QVGA TFT display which can only play low-resolution videos on it. most probably with new advanced functions.


5. Is Hotspot/WiFi sharing/NFC support available with this device?

  • With the launch of Reliance JioPhone, no one has clarified that JioPhone will come up with Hotspot sharing facility but as per sources, it’s verified that there will are Various models of JioPhone going to launch where one can see some or other changes on each variant. It’s clear that some models will have hotspot wifi sharing facility where are some might not.
  • Also, there is the high buzz on the internet that these JioPhone will come up with Locked Hotspot feature which means that there are high chances that initially there will be no way out to share free internet with this feature phone.

Apart from that at JioPhone launch, Mr. Akash Amabni clarified that young Jio engineers are working to put NFC support this device which will be an excellent way to communicate just with a small touch of other supported device.

Now If you are wondering what NFC is then here are some words for the same:

According to Wikipedia NFC: Near-field communication is a set of communication protocols that enable two electronic devices, one of which is usually a portable device such as a smartphone, to establish communication by bringing them within 4 cm of each other.


6. Which Operating System will Reliance JioPhone will be running?

As per sources, it;s authenticated that the Jio featured phone will run on KAI OS. It supports lots of stuff such as internet browsing, and there are high chances that there it may get WhatsApp will Support in future.

About KAI OS:
KAI OS stood first observed on Firefox OS which presently discontinued. KAI OS is an open-source operating system – made for smartphones, tablets. Source: Wikipedia


7. JioPhone come with some Voice assistant feature?

  • As you may have seen the launch video there Mr. Akash Amabani was using voice feature with one of the Jio engineer and the Voice commands was detected flawlessly.

  • Apart from that it has 22 regional language support which is a plus point of this cheapest4G VoLTE featured phone



8. How to use JioTV as a Cable TV/ How JioPhone will connect with out television?

  • Well, there is no rocket science over there to be in Technical words we can say yes it is possible to plug in a phone with a Television, but this can’t happen directly.
  • To connect JioPhone with TV there is a need of buying a custom hardware support which will be costing some extra bucks, later on, you can enjoy 3 to 4 hours of high-speed video streaming by mirroring your Jio handsets.


9. Will this JioPhone have Dual Sim support?

Yes, all variant will have Dual Sim card support where Slot 1 will be only valid for Jio sim card which supports 4G LTE where as with Sim slot two you can use and alternative Sim card of any operator.


10. To whom this JioPhone is Beneficial the most?

The phone itself comes up with the slogan of “India ka Smartphone.” which is the great way to promote digital India program but this JioPhone will be Beneficial the most to the users who still use the featured phone and have the lack of knowledge of using high-end Smartphones or do not have the budget to buy the expensive smartphone can enjoy the digital world with this Jio featured phone.

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