iPhone 8 might contain Rear Facing 3D Laser for AR Features: Leaks

iPhone 8 might contain Rear Facing 3D Laser for AR Features: Leaks

Apple's announcement of ARKit at this year's WWDC was clear indication that the company is heavily interested in augmented reality. Now, new information suggests that the Cupertino-based company has been working on a "rear-facing 3D laser system" that can possibly be implemented at the back of the upcoming iPhone 8 in order to facilitate AR features as well as improve the camera performance. Separately, the smartphone has also been tipped to face a delay in shipments.


Apple working on Sensor System for Augmented Reality:

  • Fast Company reports that Apple is working on a sensor system for its upcoming smartphones that will enable better detection of depth for the augmented reality apps
  • With the help of laser and provide better autofocus in terms of photography.
  • The inclusion of this sensor system (VSCEL laser system) on iPhone 8 will depend on progress that the engineers at the company are able to make in terms of technology integration on the smartphone.


VCSEL Laser Systems:

  • "VCSEL laser systems calculate the distance the light travels from the laser to the target and back to the sensor, and generate a Time of Flight (TOF) measurement
  • . The system consists of a source (the VCSEL laser), a lens, detector (sensor), and a processor.
  • The whole thing costs about $2 per phone," Fast Company said citing a source in its report.


Delay in iPhone 8?

  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts have suggested that the iPhone 8 will face a delay of 3-4 weeks in shipments
  • The delay may be caused due to technological issues on the basis of their conversation with the supply chain sources, reports CNBC.
  • The report mentions problems with fingerprint sensor and 3D sensors to be the reason behind this delay.
  • Notably, this is not the first time that the upcoming smartphones shipments have been tipped to be delayed.

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