Spice Smartphones are back and this time they are even better

Spice Smartphones are back and this time they are even better

Where is Spice Telecom? Why aren't its mobile phones launching? Are they going through a tough phase? Will they Deliver any smartphones in near future? Well, we the team at Stuffcompare have found out all your queries and now we're presenting you with the story of Spice and also their smartphones which will be released this year:

Spice Brand Revamp:

  • After the brand revamp with its Transsion Holdings joint venture, Spice has launched as many as eight mobile devices in India.
  • This includes three smartphones – Spice F301, Spice F302 and Spice K601 – and five feature phones - Z102, Z101, Z201, Z202, and Z301. The prices for these phones begin from Rs. 1,180, and they will be sold starting from July 11.
  • At the announcement of the Spice brand revamp, Spice Mobility and Transsion Holdings said that 10 mobiles will be launched by the end of the year, with five smartphones and five feature phones.
  • It appears that two more smartphones can be expected from the Spice brand later this year.
  • For now, not many details about the feature phones and smartphones have been released.

Spice F301, F302:

  • Both these smartphones come with dual speakers, and are priced at Rs. 5,590 and Rs. 6,290 respectively.
  • The Spice F301 has a colourful design and the company boasts of 3D immersive sound technology as well, while the Spice F302 takes it up a notch by sporting a fingerprint scanner.
  • There’s also the addition of the Facemask technology that lets you add Snapchat-like filters to your selfies.

Spice K601:

  • This smartphone comes with 2GB of RAM, and is priced at Rs. 7,290.
  • The Spice K601 also comes with a fingerprint scanner that supports various gestures and clicks. Like clicking on the fingerprint scanner will let you access the call app or the camera app.
  • You can customise up to five fingerprints as personal shortcuts on this smartphone.

Spice Z Series smartphones:

  • The Z102, Z101, Z201, Z202, and Z301 feature phones come with long battery life, and a super battery mode that gives even more standby time.
  • They all sport loud sound features and shortcut keys for things like FM radio and music player.
  • The devices also come enabled with the King Voice feature which lets the consumer navigate through their smart keypad devices, assisted by voice support.

Spice Z101 and Z202:

  • The Z101 and Z202 feature phones pack a 2500mAh battery that is rated to offer more than 35 hours of talk time and more than 500 hours of standby time.
  • Furthermore, the Z201 and Z301 come equipped with dual speakers; while the Z202 comes with the power bank feature that lets you charge other phones.
  • The Z102, Z101, Z201, Z202, and Z301 are priced at Rs. 1,180, Rs. 1,240, Rs. 1,625, Rs. 1,690, and Rs. 1,850 respectively.


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