Looking For a MicroSD Card? Perfect Time to Buy It Now As 32GB as Low as 8$ and 64GB is Just at 11.995 Only!!

Looking For a MicroSD Card? Perfect Time to Buy It Now As 32GB as Low as 8$ and 64GB is Just at 11.995 Only!!

Micro SD card is the part and parcel of your daily life. However big the new smartphone is coming with more internal storage we have always relied on the SD card. External memory gives as an extra storage where we can save our personal data and many things. So, but it seems a little bit expensive in some part but mostly affordable. Nowadays this holiday season is in full house stock. Whatever you are planning to buy this weekend or any devices it's always good to buy an extra storage for yourself.

You will need a new extra memory for your devices. So it's the best time to buy it. So many companies are offering their price for their micro SD card but in some important issue, we have to get to the trusted authorities. As per issue, there are companies like Sandisk and Samsung which are giving the most stable micro SD card which is being used by many years after years. And on this holiday they also brought the micro SD card on their lowest price ever. People are getting into it to pick the lowest price. So be ready to take off in 2019 with some extra expandable storage to receive and stay up to date without any worries.

Do you need shooting in 4k? Need the fastest data transfer rate? Don't skip any ratio or any part. The best deal has arrived by the Sandisk and Samsung. So grab some for you.

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Sandisk is one of the popular micro SD card company which is been producing quality memory card for long. It is the first company to bring with A1 rating. Their 16gb and 64gb memory card have the speed of maximum 98MBps. You can find out the storage capacity and the price from Amazon below.

16 GB - $7.49

32 GB -$7.99

64 GB -$11.99

128 GB -$19.99

200 GB -$39.49

250 GB -$44.99

400 GB -$99.99




Samsung is blessed with their smartphones as well as their micro SD card. Samsung EVO Select microSD card is class 10 UHS card. This all starts from 32 GB  and all the way up to 256 GB. You can get 100MBps and 95 MBps read and write speed.  Down below you will find the latest price of this micro SD cards.

32 GB  -$5.99

64 GB  -$10.99

128 GB-$19.99

256 GB-$55.99



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