Huawei "Nova 4" coming to the market with Infinity-O Display


Samsung is about to come with their new Infinity-O display with One  UI. This is about to be more significant result coming through. But another breakthrough is recorded as the news is leaked that Huawei is about to come with the Infinity-O display. It will be more competitive with Samsung.

China's smartphone maker Huawei Samsung is competing with Samsung's Infiniti-O Display Smartphone It is likely to come in the market in mid-December.

nova 4

Recently Samsung announced its new smartphone "Samsung Galaxy A8S" with Infinity-O  Display. But Huawei is expected to bring this technology into the market before the Nokia-4 model.

Infiniti-O display is an incredible display. Because of this, the camera will stay on top of the entire display of the smartphone. Let's see, Huawei or Samsung can respond more to the market with their Infinity!

We still don’t know all details. But its pretty sure Huawei is about to come down the field to compete with Samsung.

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