Samsung Galaxy Watch: Worth Buying?

Samsung Galaxy Watch: Worth Buying?

Smart watches are getting popular day by day. Every well-known company is renewing their updates and making these smart watches for the users. It's getting much trendy with new features and tricks. So watches are no more for only showing time, it can do almost all thing an android phone can do. It will make our life easier than ever so top companies are looking forward to this making such kind of watches for us.

There's a lot of top rated watches like Gear Fit2's, Apple watch series 4's and such latest product from Casio is in the market. In this bunch of series, Samsung watch has come with something new with so much simpler and less complication. As a product of the Galaxy series, it might produce a good market value. So such a new renaming it also makes a difference with the quality and design.

samsung smartwatch design

The design is made with very familiarity. 46mm of a big circular smartwatch with most of all metal body. This Samsung watch is also added with pronounced logs, changeable wristbands and with two side buttons. The watch is big but what you can spect the size of a smartwatch. It's pretty lighter in my opinion. It has the shape of regular watches but it can do some immense working. The OLED panel display is well arranged in a circular shape by the pixels. The display is decorated with stunning crisp colors. This Samsung Galaxy watch is plenty visible in the direct sunlight. But in Always-on mode it faded a little bit low. Always-On display mode is not enabled by the default, you have to enable it to make it always on.

samsung smartwatch

Samsung always tries to come with something different and unique. In this new Samsung Galaxy watch, I am happy to see the unique site with the watch. The best thing about the watch is the rotating bezel. It's ok when you have a touchscreen and two side buttons in your smart watch but with the rotating bezel, you can start surfing the app list rotating the bezel that makes you feel an amazing classic experience of using the watch. It's fun!!! It's also fast to select the correct point for setting a timer and scrolling the messages without blocking with the fingers. This bezel has some really important thing to do with this. It also reinforces a solid sturdy feel with its metal smooth body for the whole piece of hardware.

You are either gonna love or hate the feature of ticking sound. It just makes them ticking sound when the watch face is active.

Talking on the Samsung Galaxy watch is very unexpectedly good. You can use any phone with the Bluetooth connection. It will support it randomly good. The voice on the phone and the watch is pretty similar. You simply can't make any difference to this.

You can feel the vibration when any notifications arrived. But you will see the same Samsung process which takes some time to open any messages. It will pop up with an animation almost like slow motion. That doesn't mean the watch is slower, this watch can work faster than this, this is the kind of thing Samsung does to their phone also. It takes a moment to open up.

galaxy watch design

You still have to download the stopwatch and timer from the app store. Dont know why they don't put this watch stuff built in the device. It's an watch at least but still, you have to download it from the app store.

Specification ( 46mm Model):

Display:  1.3-inch(33mm) AMOLED

Weight: 63g

Battery: 472mAh

AP: Dual Core 1.15GHz

OS: Tiren OS 4.0


Durability: 5 ATM +IP68 / MIL-STD 810G


Samsung health tracker might not be ideal for the someone who really hardcore about tracking fitness. But for a casual tracker, it's perfect. It has the GPS for jogs and 5 ATM water resistant for swim.

Let's come down to battery life, it delivers some of the best battery life you will find. It can stay 4 to 5 days without always-on mode. It will stay this long term like this. It also take two hours and ten minutes to charge it from dead to full.

So its really a very good feature by Samsung. It's really worth buying who like new features and apps with sturdy performance.

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